Fabio Designs

Founded in 2014

Fabio has two branches; Art and Design, both focusing on the development of beauty from a simple thought. 

ART: The social reaction and physical sense that Fabio's art focuses on. 

DESIGN/BUILD: Fabio's fascination in the making of things led him to design and build custom furniture and installations. Every design is uniquely created, from details, function, and the development process.

Fabio Alvino Roca


Fabio has been surrounded by art, design and architecture since his birth in Caracas, Venezuela. Throughout his education in Miami and New York, Fabio is on the pursuit of creating beauty from an idea.

His education in Miami and New York was highly specialized in the arts and design. He attended the Miami magnet school Design and Architecture Sr High (DASH), where he was introduced to the wide world of creativity at an early age. After graduating from DASH Fabio attended the architecture program at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Arts in New York City, where his creative education was geared towards the discipline. 

After graduating from The Cooper Union he stays in New York began his career as a model maker for architects; in collaboration with colleagues in the making of  architectural models at a workshop in Brooklyn. Soon after, he took his next step in his career with the world renounced interior designer, Clodagh, where he learned the importance to a calm design.

He founded Fabio Designs in 2014 for the fabrication of very custom and unique items.