Fabio Alvino Roca


Fabio has been surrounded by art, design and architecture since his birth in Caracas, Venezuela. Throughout his education in Miami and New York, Fabio is on the pursuit of creating beauty from an idea.

His education in Miami and New York was highly specialized in the arts and design. He attended the Miami magnet school Design and Architecture Sr High (DASH), where he was introduced to the wide world of creativity at an early age. After graduating from DASH Fabio attended the architecture program at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Arts in New York City, where his creative education was geared towards the discipline. 

After graduating from The Cooper Union, Fabio began his professional career working under the world renounced interior designer Clodagh in New York City. It was at this moment when Fabio takes the path of design and building of furniture.

Parallel to his employment at Clodagh Design, Fabio begins his pursue of custom fabrication by starting a wood shop in Brooklyn, NY. During this time he was published by the magazine Other EightIn the Summer of 2015 he makes the big move to Miami, FL.

Photo by Arta Perezic

Photo by Arta Perezic